Novated lease calculator option

Do I get to take advantage of a novated lease calculator option?

Financing a vehicle in Australia isn’t difficult for residents who have good credit and a positive financial statement, and it’s even easier for those who have a novated lease option at work. A novated lease is an alternative to traditional financing methods. If you want to lease a new car, you can do it without ever making one payment out of your own pocket. You make the payments from your salary before you ever see the money.

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A novated lease calculator is guaranteed by your employer. If your company offers this option to those who work within the company, you can work out a lease agreement with a vehicle dealership by talking to your employer. When the lease paperwork is finalized, you take it to your employer and have them sign on in agreement. This means they’re willing to take the payment for this leased vehicle from your pre-tax salary to help you drive off in a car you want.

If you have the option to use a Stratton Novated Lease Calculator, should you do it? That’s the one question many people ask when they are given this option. It’s not something that’s offered all over the world, and Australian’s are quite fortunate to have this option. It all but eliminates the risk of ever missing a car payment. You never make late payments, and you’re always guaranteed a chance to get a car even if your own financial history is a bit spotty.

Does your company offer a novated lease program?

If you’re unsure whether your company offers this kind of novated lease offer, just ask. You can get them to work with you by coming up with a budget, a payment calculator, and by helping you out when you need a little help purchasing a new car. Many people offer this, but you won’t know until you ask. Your employer might have this offer upfront when you take a job, but they might also not share this with you until you ask.

It’s a nice alternative to traditional finance methods because it allows you to find approval if you cannot get it on your own. If you have a negative credit history or cannot afford to buy a car without your employer taking the money out of your pre-tax salary, you might turn to your employer for the help you need.

If you are taking advantage of this program, you typically lease your car for four or five years and then make more decisions. This could be to re-lease the car you’ve been driving, turn it in and lease a new car, or buy it outright. You do have options, but you must make the decision that works best for your specific financial situation. It’s the only way to shop for a new vehicle using the novated lease calculator option.

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